Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A great treasure

Asslamualaikum :)

It's 24th of December -.- Itu maknanya lagi beberapa hari je nak naik sekolah :'( Malas nak ngadap sekolah. Kerja rumah. Class bising. Cikgu bebel. Gred rendah. SPM. Wow. Macam tak sangka tahun depan last sekolah. I hope time flies as fast as it can fly. Then I'll leave school and enter a brand new freedom.

Tapi, macam biasa. Mukadimah selalu tak link dengan isi. Sebenarnya, nak cerita pasal holiday aku. Holiday yang penuh suka penuh duka. Hahaha xD Drama betul. Tak lengkaplah kalau end year holiday aku kalau diorang ni tak ada. I swear I am gonna miss you guys so much. I love you guys so damn much. Having you guys is the best thing that had ever happened to me.

Kitorang sweet. Itu je aku nak cakap. Kitorang kenal dari sekolah rendah. Dari darjah 2. Too many things. Too many troubles. Too many laughter. Too many memories. Sekolah lejen tu memang tak akan dilupakan. Sejarah tercipta. Hahaha. Kitorang ni dari dulu skema2 guna 'awak kita'. Dah besar, melekat 'awak kita'. Memang tak boleh ubah aku kau. Bayangkanlah. Betapa peliknya orang sekeliling tengok kitorang yang kadang2 tak jaga mulut nak menyumpah sesama sendiri, tapi berawak kita xD Macam kelakor.

Everything we did this holiday was so much fun. Walaupun closure 2013 tak indah, at least we spent so much time together. We are rebellious. We don't give a fuck what people think. Because we know, we had each other's back if anything goes wrong. We had problems. Different kinds. Kita semua tahu masalah tu takkan selesai. But in the end, we, again, don't give a damn. I'll miss the stupid moments we had xD Watching movies and struggling to have the perfect spot sebab bilik kita kecik xD And most of the time was wasted on choosing what movie to watch. You'll get pissed when I switched off the air cond and the room immediately turned into burning oven. Tapi kita peduli apa. Kita sejuk. We watched The Last Song and A Walk To Remember. Expectation-- nangis di akhir cerita. Reality-- Kenapa Liam suka Miley last2?// Kenapa muka laki tu confusing? Hahaha xD Watching sad stories, fail.

I'll miss when we hang out together malam-malam. Senyap2. Without anyone knowing. Without any transport. Just us and our poor legs xD Having those girls talk about rambutlah, shampoolah, muka jerawatlah, mamat handsomelah, heartbroken and every other things. Sampai tersembur air. Habis basah , terbakar karpet orang xD And the most frustrating moment, was when it's time to go back. 11 o'clock. And it's time to move. Kalau tak, kantoi, tak pepasal. And we, of course, walk our way through the silent road. No cars, no people. Just street lamps and our laughters. Swearing "Best night ever. I love you, bitches. Kita tak nak balik." and no one's watching us creating our memories tgh2 jalan tu. We took a cab, went back home and reality strikes back.

High, creative ambition. Yes. That's what we do best. We always have plans. Tapi masalahnya people around us are treating us like a child. Our dreams are big and impossible. But zero fucks were given. We'll try our best and that big fat dreams are going to happen. We'll work for it. No matter what, we are going to have that time of our life. Maybe we just need to wait a little bit and work a little hard. And when that day comes, we're gonna ask our problems to fuck off and enjoy what we worked and waited for.

We've been friends since forever. We're different. But our hearts fit together. Even when I give a blink, you guys WILL understand what I'm talking about. We understand each of us so well. We go to different schools. Different surroundings (which I find mine is the most non-fucked-up one). Different people around us. Different pressure. But the differences made us, us. I don't care if they are the most hated person in the world. They will always be my best friends. I will always love them. Because if anything that made me not to lose my sane, not to hate myself, not to hate my life, it's my friends.

Alhamdulillah, thank you, Ya Rabb for giving me such good friends around me. Korang memang tengok kitorang macam ni. But you'll never know what deep conversations we had that kept reminding us to not lose faith in Allah. Always perform our prayers. What else should I ask for from them? Insyaallah, kawan dunia akhirat. You guys will always be in my prayers. Moga panjang jodoh kita ;)

p/s: Kita tahu kita gay sebab post fefeeling macam ni -.- The Last Song was way more gay. 

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