Sunday, June 8, 2014

It's just meant to be


So, I guess it has been a while since... i don't even remember. And I know there's probably 2,3 or maybe 4 person are reading this. And yeah, you're one of them. That's great... right?
Anyway... I just thought that if I write it out, I'm gonna feel much better. So, yeah.

It had been so rough for me this year. Korang pun tahu tahun ni aku SPM. Kalau korang tak tahu pun takpe. It's not like benda ni akan ditanya kan. So as we move on, til this day, I had problems. You know...

Masalah sekolah; when you find your teachers had lost trust in you walaupun there's one day I made my school proud by achieving something. Then I realized, slip keputusan 8A PMR tu... it means nothing. The thing that once I thought it meant EVERYTHING to me suddenly turned out to be nothing. It's a bit heartbreaking, but I moved on. Yea... some teachers just love to crush their students' dream. Not all. Some.

Masalah belajar. I swear, is it just me getting stupid or everyone else is picking up fast? Oh my goodness. I guess engineering is not for me. Na-ah. Maybe this 2 years of learning all the engineering shits is a waste of time, but I got the time to appreciate and I am amazed by all engineers out there. Don't give up. The world is depending on you. Just a quick suggestion, I really think you should invent the pizza button; when you press it and a pizza will come out of the printer. Yea. And we can request for more pepperoni. I don't bother what people wanna say. Cause people sucks. All they do is just crushing other people's dream. One day, I'm gonna be a badass film director, or maybe an artist, or (... I'll figure it out). But I'm telling you, people who are laughing at my hardwork(yea right) now, they'll owe an apology. Back to the topic, my physics... they're pain in the ass. I just don't know how to.... urgh. I can't even talk about it. Blergh. Everything else is good. Wait, no. You know what is worse than physics? Come on... guess. History! Yes. That sonuvabic! The second my teacher steps into the class, my mind just goes 'No, thank you. Bubye. I'm going to Vegas.' You really fail me there, brain. Wish me the best of luck anyway. Cause being the eldest is a little bit pressuring me.

Masalah kawan. I think this is the biggest problem right now. Well, not the biggest, but I think it's kinda bothering me. I know I have such wonderful friends. The thing is... they're not all here. Beside me. On my sight. I have my 2 out of 3 best friends here (Nurinn ngn Fatin. Sape lagi). And my best friend since we're 7. (Aku jumpa Hidayah time tusyen. Fatini mrsm -.-) That keeps me going. BUT you know... we're more mature. And by mature, we make decisions. A lot of decisions. And everything change so fast. It's all different now. It's not how it is used to be. They're just somebody I used to know. Okay, I was just exaggerating there. They're fine. Just not as happy-with-no-reason as we used to be. I'm beginning to think that we're more like upset-for-nothing kinda people now. First, I'm not in the same class with my best buds. Secondly, my classmates, they're.... sweet. But at times, they're kinda disturbing, and loud, and got on my nerves. ANYWAY, back in 2012, it was glorious. I'm not even that close to most of the class. But they cooperate with me. It's just not the same when the friends that I used to be with when we together struggle and then, they're not there. It sucks. I go to class everyday and I got to remind myself every time why I'm still doing this. First, my parents of course. Second, my friends would've so proud of me when I go in front to take my straight A's. Third, I don't want to end up working at McDonalds for my remainder life.

Masalah sendiri. I just suck. That's why. Okay now. Bye.

2 outta 4 people didn't make it this far. Thanks for reading. It really means a lot cause someone is listening to my problems.
And yes. I know, I should get a life.
I just said bye 2 times.
This is awkward.
So, bye.

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